Dr. Marc Abrams offers a variety of services in his field, ranging from speaking engagements to consultations and evaluations. Please read more below about some of the ways that Dr. Abrams can assist you. And please contact us when you’re ready.

Child Psychotherapy

Dr. Abrams utilizes a variety of therapeutic methods and practices including play therapy, talk therapy, behavioral and cognitive treatments, and family therapy.

Teen Psychotherapy

Dr. Abrams primarily engages one-on-one with teens using a combination of psychodynamic, cognitive, and behavioral approaches, depending on the individual and their circumstances. He integrates family therapy when appropriate.

Adult Psychotherapy

Dr. Abrams provides individual psychotherapy to adults, integrating psychodynamic, psychoeducational, cognitive, and behavioral formats based upon the unique needs and circumstances of each adult.

Parent Coaching

Dr. Abrams works helps parents understand how their own unique family and cultural upbringing shapes their current parenting practices. He also provides them with parenting techniques that represent best practices advocated by parenting and developmental specialists.

Divorce Coaching

Dr. Abrams works with parents who are seeking and/or are in the midst of a divorce and/or custody battle. Dr. Abrams had a deep understanding of how disruptive this traumatic life event can be, and he works to help all parties learn how to respond to this stress in a productive and appropriate manner.

Psychological Evaluations

Dr. Abrams has spent decades performing comprehensive psychological evaluations for adults, teens, and children. These evaluations are designed to provide a better understanding of a person’s unique set of strengths and weaknesses. Evaluation results can help mental health providers create a more individualized and comprehensive treatment plan, schools develop accurate and beneficial educational plans (IEPs and 504s), or individuals with career planning.

Contact Dr. Marc Abrams

Whether it’s scheduling a private consultation or requesting a speaking engagement from Dr. Abrams, we look forward to hearing from you. You can reach us at the information below or fill out the contact form. Dr. Abrams will respond promptly.

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