Other Evaluations

Dr. Abrams performs complete psychological evaluations to help a family or professional understand how a person’s psychological capacities impact all aspects of their life. The evaluation is comprised of psychological testing and a clinical interview. A psychological evaluation will demonstrate the individual’s ability to function and make informed decisions. These evaluations are most often requested by lawyers, financial advisors, employers, or other mental health professionals.

Financial Planning

Dr. Abrams serves as a consultant to financial planners who are working with families that include a sibling, spouse or child with a chronic mental illness or unique neurodiverse challenges. He provides guidance on the long-term care options that these families should consider to ensure the health and safety of their vulnerable members.

Speaking Engagements

Dr. Abrams is a New York State licensed psychologist with decades of experience evaluating and treating adults, teenagers, and children. Over the last two decades, he has primarily worked with individuals and families who are navigating their way through unstable or transformational periods.

Dr. Abrams frequently consults with law firms and financial planners on issues related to their client’s psychological profiles and challenges. He is an engaging speaker who can discuss how major changes can impact individuals and families.

Legal Consultations

Dr. Abrams is a New York State licensed psychologist who regularly consults with law firms throughout the state, helping them understand their client’s mental health evaluations. He also advises attorneys on how to manage clients who are in stressful situations and struggling to maintain or function in their daily lives.

Other Evaluations

Dr. Abrams has spent decades performing comprehensive psychological evaluations for adults, teens, and children. These evaluations are designed to provide a better understanding of a person’s unique set of strengths and weaknesses.

Evaluation results can help mental health providers create a more individualized and comprehensive treatment plan, schools develop accurate and beneficial educational plans (IEPs and 504s), or individuals with career planning.

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